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EM4x energy manager

enatel energy

EM4x energy manager

A new DC system controller that receives data, interprets, displays and provides overall management of on and off-grid sites, including renewable energy sources, generators and batteries. (Li and Pb)

Key Features & Benefits

  • Energy management & site controller
  • Front panel LCD Interface & Web User Interface
  • Powerful Linux based programmable capabilities
  • Multiple battery chemistries
  • Enatel patented features: Hybrid & Phase Balancing
  • Offered in 2 variants. Tray mount or shelf panel
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Energy Management Software:
E.T. 6.0 April 2021

Enatel announces our latest software update E.T. as part of our quarterly firmware release program.
Version 6.0 of the energy manager firmware is now available in the Enatel Customer Portal.

Our quarterly software release program reflects Enatel’s commitment to making the energy manager an investment –
DC system controller that will continue to power tomorrow.


  • 3 phase balancing for hybrid systems
  • Ongoing Lithium battery BMS Modbus RTU comms inclusion
  • Ping and reset –  allowing the system to continually ping a site modem
  • Configuration and Site Report pdf download
  • Diagnostic .tgz file generation – to collate system logs & configuration in one file
  • Energypak firmware v26.

To download the latest software, ‘E.T.’ and to access the full release notes, register and login via the Enatel Customer Portal.

Enatel Customer Portal - Access Software

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