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EM4X energy manager

enatel energy

EM4X energy manager

A new DC system controller that receives data, interprets, displays and provides overall management of on and off-grid sites, including renewable energy sources, generators and batteries. (Li and Pb)

Key Features & Benefits

  • Energy management & site controller
  • Front panel LCD Interface & Web User Interface
  • Powerful Linux based programmable capabilities
  • Multiple battery chemistries
  • Enatel patented features: Hybrid & Phase Balancing
  • Offered in 2 variants. Tray mount or shelf panel
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Energy Management Software
Commando 4.0 October 2020

We are giving a nod to the 8-bit gaming community loading up a new version of our energy management software, ‘Commando’.

Commando encompasses the industry-leading features of our technology on a new controller, the EM4x. With original features such as hybrid and off-grid site management now available with the EM4x.

• Dynamic Phase Balancing
• Hybrid functionality support
• Lithium Battery Integration
• Touch scrolling for LCD display

To download Commando and access the full release notes, please register and login via the Enatel Customer Portal.

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