EM4x energy manager

EM4x energy manager

The Enatel EM4x Energy Manager is an industry leading industrial and communication site manager that can monitor, manage and control critical infrastructure at all installations from micro sites to centralised power plants.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Enatel's industry leading energy management & site controller for DC and Hybrid Systems
  • Front panel LCD Interface & Web User Interface
  • Powerful Linux based programmable capabilities
  • Multiple battery chemistries
  • Enatel patented features: Hybrid & Phase Balancing
  • Offered in 2 variants. Tray mount or shelf panel
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Energy Manager Software Release 10.01 Features



  • Standards based assessment and testing.
  • Hardening of the product, supplemented with hardening guidance in the product manual.
  • Detailed audit logging.
  • Enhanced password controls, introducing expanded complexity and administrator based control.
  • Deeper levels of firmware security.*
    *secure boot is available with newly shipped EM4x from the middle of September.


Advanced Graphing

  • Analyse the database as far back as 90days
  • Utilise alarm “heatmaps” to identify and hone in on anomalies, simplifying site issues quickly.
  • Customise the data and alarms to be shown according to specific site needs.
  • Save customised “views” as templates for rapid re-use.
  • Filter views according to time period of interest.


Translation – Languages

  • Support for up to 144 languages* from Afar to Zulu.
  • Translations are made for the web interface and the LCD display.
  • Translation can be made by partners, end users or translators.
  • Enatel issues a language pack using the translation file.


AC Monitor Integration

  • Key functionality includes reporting and measurement on star or delta connections, specifically voltage, current, frequency, and energy.
  • EM4x reports and alarms on surge events using the unique “Surge Bucket” feature which counts each 1kV transition.
  • Enabler for key Energy Manager functionality such as: Three-phase balancing and single-phase backoff.

To download the latest software and to access the full release notes, register and login via the Enatel Customer Portal.

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