Energy Management Software: Galaxian Release 8.01
October 2021

Enatel Energy Manager Software

Enatel is pleased to announce our latest software update, Galaxian as part of our quarterly firmware release program.

Version 8.01 of the energy manager firmware is now available in the Enatel Customer Portal.

Our quarterly software release program reflects Enatel’s commitment to making the energy manager an investment –
DC system controller that will continue to power tomorrow.

Enatel Energy Management Galaxian 8.01 Release Features:

Hybrid Realtime Page

The Galaxian release provides a more structured Hybrid functionality view (Generator, Solar, Wind, Battery etc)

CE+T Inverter Integration

Data from the inverters is integrated into the EM4x along with alarms. Some control is offered around output voltage and input priority. This does require the fitment of a CE+T Inview 5 controller, with appropriate Modbus licenses

Enhanced Security – with TLS 1.3 Encryption

This release features HTTPS TLS (Transport Layer Security) for the highest level of encryption for web connections.

To download the latest software, ‘Galaxian’ and to access the full release notes, register and login via the Enatel Customer Portal.

Enatel Customer Portal - Access Software

Energy Management Software: Food Fight Release 7.0
April 2021

Release Features


-On-page help – direct links to the manual section in pdf reader.
-Dynamic alarms help
-Resource links

Advanced Graphing Icons

-In addition to the Activity Graphing on the main web page, there is now a dedicated page with four tiled graphs each individually customisable.
-The time period has been extended to include 24hours too. This feature permits the user to monitor individual parameters on each graph to help assess their sites in detail.

System Dependent LCD Layout

-For the larger LCD format EM4x, the user can now select different system layouts to suit what is installed, such as whether renewable elements (solar and wind) are present, DC-DC converters, and also whether batteries are installed or not.

Licence Based icons

-Where certain licence features activate dedicated icons at the bottom of the screen, these now appear dynamically based on whether licences have been purchased and loaded.

Improved Grid Tariff Optimisation settings

-The user is now able to customise what they define as the weekend

Energy Management Software: E.T. Release 6.0
April 2021


  • 3 phase balancing for hybrid systems
  • Ongoing Lithium battery BMS Modbus RTU comms inclusion
  • Ping and reset –  allowing the system to continually ping a site modem
  • Configuration and Site Report pdf download
  • Diagnostic .tgz file generation – to collate system logs & configuration in one file
  • Energypak firmware v26.

Energy Management Software: Defender Release 5.01
February 2021

EM4x Software, Defender, Energy Management Software

Defender introduces the industry-leading features of our technology to the EM4x controller. The latest release brings the features of 3 phase balancing to single phase systems and battery MCB scaling options.


• Single Phase Backoff
• Temperature Conversion Improvements
• Battery MCB current limit scaling options
• Lithium battery BMS Modbus RTU comms
• Generator run time is now writable

You can also read more on the release in our Insights blog which summarises the Defender release.

Energy Management Software: Commando 4.0
October 2020

EM4x Software, Commando, Energy Management Software

Commando encompasses the industry-leading features of our technology on a new controller, the EM4x. With original features such as hybrid and off-grid site management now available with the EM4x.


• Dynamic Phase Balancing
• Generator Anti-Stall Feature
• Hybrid functionality support
• Lithium Battery Integration
• Touch scrolling for LCD display

You can also read more on the release in our Insights blog which summarises the Commando release.