EM4x Energy Manager Software Inbuilt Help


Lessons well learned is the theme of the EM4x energy manager Food Fight 7.0 firmware release. What this refers to is the importance of accessible, instructive help files that are instantly at the user’s fingertips when needed.

To explain, one of the most customer-praised features of the EM4x’s predecessor, the SM3x supervisory module, has been the inbuilt help files. Where, by simply placing the cursor in the required field of the Configuration Utility app and pressing F1, detailed notes on the function and interaction of a system parameter are displayed.

The EM4x Web UI has taken a slightly different route. Here for specific sections of the Web UI we have a link to the relevant description in the operation and installation manual. The complete EM4x manual is hosted in the firmware of the controller to be called up at a mouse click, to open at the required location. This has the added advantage that when the entire user manual is made available in a pdf reader the reference links and bookmark navigation to other sections work – the user can choose how much, or how little, information is reviewed on each visit.

energy management software energy management software

To this, we have added dynamic alarms help. In the Alarms section of the Overview page each alarm that displays can be selected and a matching pop-up description and suggested action provided.

We then also include a page with links to external resources to assist understanding of the EM4x energy manager and its applications. A resource base that will see continual expansion ongoing, bringing value add to the Enatel customer with each iteration.