Energy Management – Defender Software Release 5.01


EM4x Software, Defender, Energy Management Software

Note: Defender 5.01 EM4x software is released and is now available in the customer portal

Features Overview:

Single Phase Back-off has been added to Enatel’s proprietary phase balancing algorithms.
Phase balancing balances input phase to a site or system while also preventing any single phase of a 3 phase AC input from exceeding a preset limit.
Single Phase Backoff applies the same principle to a system with a single phase AC supply. Dynamically limiting the power draw provides breaker protection in a system which is potentially threatened by load upgrade or site additions. A tripped breaker can mean a site visit with inherent truck roll costs, as an example of where this feature can assist.

Temperature conversion options between Fahrenheit and Celsius have been improved.

Battery MCB current limit scaling option now available for systems that detect battery breaker status by voltage difference, or with auxiliary contacts.

Generator runtime is now writable, allowing the user to enter the actual generator run hours in Enatel’s SYNERGi off-grid control system.

Lithium battery support receives ongoing Modbus RTU communication upgrades. Enatel is continually working on integrating specific lithium battery vendor’s proprietary features and functions of their BMS. Each software drop will see an expanded list of vendor options available over Modbus RTU in the EM4x firmware. Please contact us for particular Lithium Modbus comms battery support enquiries.