Ageing grids and constantly increasing power demands are making reliable power delivery harder to achieve. Enatel enables existing and new power facilities to minimize the power outages that impacts the health of their balance sheet and the lives of their customers.

Deregulation and its results have put incredible pressure on utility companies to deliver superior financial performance for investors while dealing with such factors as:

  • Cost-effective life-extension solutions
  • Monitoring and automating electrical distribution systems
  • Outsourcing engineering, operating and maintenance functions
  • Reducing operating costs
  • Improving personnel safety
  • Increasing uptime and reliability

Enatel is a recognized leader in providing generation, transmission and distribution solutions for the utility segment.  Our highly advanced and sector-specific solutions are tailormade for the evolving Smart Grid and an increasing need for sustainability.

We offer real bottom-line benefits to owners of generation assets, transmission and distribution operators, OEMs and energy retailers.

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