Energy Management – Commando Software Release 4.0


We’re delighted to announce the Enatel Commando software release for the EM4x energy manager controller. Commando, named in alignment with an 8-bit retro gaming theme, is a major firmware update which now officially brings the EM4x Linux based energy manager controller in-line with the previous SM36 Supervisory Module key SYNERGi functionality and then surpasses it. SYNERGi, Enatel’s software platform to manage hybrid sites, has been refined and enhanced with a suite of new features.

So what’s the big deal? Well, the optimised interaction of generators, renewable energy sources and batteries in both on and off-grid sites is something Enatel is rather good at. It also incorporates unique patented features such as Enatel’s generator anti-stall system. The EM4x energy manager SYNERGi is now a benchmark industry-leading controller for these applications in hybrid sites, fully supporting multiple battery chemistry types and multiple energy sources.

‘SYNERGi’ makes for a deceptively simple line in a software release note!

Commando also brings third party lithium battery communications and management into the mainstream. The energy manager has the capability to manage multiple different vendor’s lithium batteries simultaneously, on multiple different voltage buses if required. With each vendor’s BMS integrated and displayed in the energy manager. Where the EM4x can be configured with battery specific charge profiles – to vary charge rates depending on voltage and temperature.

This is now all bundled up with improved reporting and logging functionality, with well structured programmable logic that allows site-specific customised functionality to be easily implemented, and a license locked Lua editor for more advanced code modifications.

There are more than a few user-friendly touches. The energy manager SNMP has destination trap testing for those systems who need to report to a NOC. Expanded logs can be downloaded in an XML format. The configuration file components can now be broken out such that, for example, an alarm configuration can be easily replicated across multiple sites.
Another item of note included is Enatel’s phase balancing system. This is part of Enatel’s patents in this arena – where AC demand can be dynamically regulated to protect against exceeding a specific limit, to protect a breaker or equipment for example. A user-critical ability when considering the upgrading of existing 4G to 5G sites where the increased power demand the original grid supply specified was never intended to provide.

Commando also sets the scene for Enatel’s ongoing software release program. Enatel will be bringing quarterly updates each year for the energy manager, some major, some minor. Watch this space for DEFENDER’s arrival!

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