UltraCompact | DC Power System | PSC Range

UltraCompact | DC Power System | PSC Range

Key Features & Benefits

  • World leading power density
  • Fully feature telecom grade rectifiers
  • Full Remote Monitoring
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UltraCompact Specifications Model No's: PSC12 PSC23

AC Input1 phase1 or 3 phase
Max Output Power4.0kW/6.0kW6.0kW/9.0k.W
Breaker Fail DetectionElectronic fail detectionElectronic fail detection
LVD80A magnetically latching
battery LVD
125A magnetically latching
battery LVD
Dimensions44.45mm, 482.6mm (19” mount), 350mmm 88.9mm, 482.6mm (19” mount), 390mm
Weight5.0kg (excluding rectifier modules) 9.0kg (excluding rectifier modules)
Ambient Temperature: -20ºC to +70ºC (refer to rectifier specification sheets for derating): -20ºC to +70ºC (refer to rectifier specification sheets for derating)

Multi-Purpose Power

These UltraCompact systems are configured using Enatel’s state-of-the-art high frequency switch-mode rectifier modules and intelligent network capable controllers.

They include built-in DC load and battery distribution and can be configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements for access power solutions.

Keep Data and Product Moving

Enatel DC power systems are the ideal solutions for powering telecommunications and data networks requiring 24V, 48V or 60V DC.
We offer a range of solutions for applications from small standalone systems (for applications like access nodes) to medium sized systems (for radio base stationsor mobile networks) to larger systems (for central office power applications).

Modules are New Zealand-made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity. Our robust, proven conversion topology utilizes only the highest specification components – something rarely offered by others.

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