3kW 48V | Rectifier | RM3048HE

3kW 48V | Rectifier | RM3048HE

With an efficiency >96%, the RM3048HE kW high-efficiency rectifier module provides considerable energy savings and ROI benefits.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High-efficiency conversion reduces heat and energy losses by over 50%
  • Hot plug/swap modular architecture for quick and easy system integration/expansion
  • Forced-air cooled by a temperature controlled, high-reliability, monitored fan
  • Available for fast delivery with DC Express
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2/3 kW HE Rectifier HE

AC Input3kW2KW
Nominal Input Voltage:230V AC230V AC
Input Voltage Range:85–300V (190–275V AC non-derating output power)85–300V (190–275V AC non-derating output power)
Power Factor:>0.99>0.99
Peak Efficiency:96.3%96.7%
Nominal Output Voltage:48V DC48V DC
Output Voltage Range:43–60V DC43–60V DC
Maximum Output Current:60.0A41.7A
Maximum Output Power:3.0kW2.0kW
Ambient Temperature:-20ºC to +70ºC (maximum output power is derated
above 55ºC)
-20ºC to +70ºC (maximum output power is derated
above 55ºC)
Dimensions (W, H, D):111.5mm, 44.0mm (1U), 282.0mm overall (rack depth 260.0mm)111.5mm, 44.0mm (1U), 282.0mm overall (rack depth 260.0mm)
Cooling:Forced-air cooled (front to back airflow)Forced-air cooled (front to back airflow)

Designed for use in modern telecommunications networks, the RM3048HE offers unrivalled reliability and power density that maximizes the effective use of rack space.

These COMPACT Series rectifiers can be configured horizontally or vertically to provide up to 12.0kW in a 1RU 19” shelf or, alternatively, 36.0kW in a 3RU shelf. Modules are scalable to deliver up to10,000A.

Our expansive portfolio of COMPACT systems provides a wide variety of power, voltage and distribution configurations. This ensures solutions are highly flexible, so they can be tailored to any communications applications.

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