FlexiCompact | DC Power System

FlexiCompact | DC Power System

Key Features & Benefits

  • World leading power density
  • Fully featured telecom grade rectifiers
  • Full Remote Monitoring
  • Available for fast delivery with DC Express
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FlexiCompact Specifications

AC Input:Three phase, 3W+N+PE, 230VAC nominal (refer to rectifier specification for full details)
DC Output:48VDC nominal
Variants:- FLEXI1-BLK001: 4U, rear connect AC, 4x battery MCB positions, 18x load MCB positions
- FLEXI1-BLK002: 4U, front connect AC, 4x battery MCB positions, 12x load MCB positions
- FLEXI2-BLK001: 5U, rear connect AC, 4x battery MCB positions, 18x load MCB positions
- FLEXI2-BLK002: 5U, front connect AC, 4x battery MCB positions, 12x load MCB positions
*MCB's not fitted
CTO (Configured to Order) Options- Battery MCBs: 125A CHiNT brand
- Load MCBs: 6-63A CHiNT brand
ETO (Engineered to Order) OptionsThe FlexiCompact range provides a scalable and flexible platform which can be customized to meet your evolving requirements. Please enquire about customized solutions.
Dimensions (W, H, D):- FLEXI1-BLK001: (482.6 x 179.9 x 436.1 mm)
- FLEXI1-BLK002: (482.6 x 214.9 x 409.8 mm)
- FLEXI2-BLK001: (482.6 x 224.3 x 436.1 mm)
- FLEXI2-BLK002: (482.6 x 259.3 x 409.8 mm)
Weight:FLEXI1-BLK001: 14.0kg FLEXI1-BLK002: 14.1kg FLEXI2-BLK001: 17.5kg FLEXI2-BLK002: 17.8kg
Safety:EN IEC 62368-1
Other:CE & RoHS compliant

Flexible yet Reliable

We offer a range of reliable, compact, efficient and flexible DC power solutions from small standalone systems for applications like access nodes to medium-sized systems for radio base stations.

The FlexiCompact range offers configured solutions using Enatel’s state-of-the-art high-efficiency switch-mode rectifier modules and intelligent network capable controllers.

These systems include integral components such as AC and DC distribution, with flexible MCB and AC input access options. These can be configured to meet a wide range of customer requirements for access power solutions.

Modules are New Zealand-made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity. Our robust, proven conversion topology utilizes only the highest specification components – something rarely offered by others.

Further Specifications

The FlexiCommpact series are advanced power systems with a friction-hinged panel-mounted monitor for ease of install/commission.

Populated with high efficiency, online replaceable rectifiers, the FlexiCompact combines intelligent energy management software with state-of-the-art hardware to provide a highly reliable DC power solution, delivering significantly reduced operational costs.

FlexiCompact’s are a truly scalable power systems with a building block philosophy to support both delivery and final point definition benefits.

The modular construction includes a 3U distribution chassis and expandable 1U power-shelves. It is fully busbar-based for increased reliability, performance and quality. The FlexiCompact system forms the basis for SYNERGi, a solution which can be tailored for hybrid applications or made solar-ready, allowing renewable inputs to be intuitively optimized.

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