2kW 48V | Rectifier | RM2048HE

2kW 48V | Rectifier | RM2048HE

With an efficiency >96%, the RM2048HE high-efficiency rectifier module provides considerable energy savings and ROI benefits.

Key Features & Benefits

  • High-efficiency conversion reduces heat and energy losses by over 50%
  • Hot plug/swap modular architecture for quick and easy system integration/expansion
  • Forced-air cooled by a temperature controlled, high-reliability, monitored fan
  • Available for fast delivery with DC Express

2 & 3 kW HE Rectifier Specifications

AC Input3kW2KW
Nominal Input Voltage:230V AC230V AC
Input Voltage Range:85–300V (190–275V AC non-derating output power)85–300V (190–275V AC non-derating output power)
Power Factor:>0.99>0.99
Peak Efficiency:96.3%96.7%
Nominal Output Voltage:48V DC48V DC
Output Voltage Range:43–60V DC43–60V DC
Maximum Output Current:60.0A41.7A
Maximum Output Power:3.0kW2.0kW
Ambient Temperature:-20ºC to +70ºC (maximum output power is derated
above 55ºC)
-20ºC to +70ºC (maximum output power is derated
above 55ºC)
Dimensions (W, H, D):111.5mm, 44.0mm (1U), 282.0mm overall (rack depth 260.0mm)111.5mm, 44.0mm (1U), 282.0mm overall (rack depth 260.0mm)
Cooling:Forced-air cooled (front to back airflow)Forced-air cooled (front to back airflow)