HV Converters

HV Converters

Our high voltage converter employs an advanced topology to optimize operational benefits. It is the ideal converter for growing demands around 380V DC that require energy conversion to 48V.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Wide range DC input for maximum flexibility
  • Robust design and a proven topology for optimum reliability
  • High-efficiency conversion
  • Scalable, modular architecture for quick and easy system integration/expansion
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CM Series Specifications

Input Voltage Range:100–400V (200–360V DC non-derating output power60–140V (limited to 17A input)
Peak Efficiency>97% @ 20–85% load with 200-250V DC input>96% @ 25–70% load with 85-100V DC input
Nominal Output Voltage:48V DC48V DC
Output Voltage Range:43-60V DC43-60V DC
Maximum Output Current:41.7A37.5A
Maximum Output Power:2.0kW1.8kW
Ambient Temperature:-20ºC to +70ºC (maximum output power is derated above 55ºC)-20ºC to +70ºC (maximum output power is derated above 55ºC)
Storage Temperature:-30ºC to +85ºC-30ºC to +85ºC
Dimensions (W, H, D):111.5mm, 44.0mm (1U), 282.0mm overall (rack depth 260.0mm)
111.5mm, 44.0mm (1U), 282.0mm overall (rack depth 260.0mm)
Cooling:Forced-air cooled (front to back airflowForced-air cooled (front to back airflow

A DC-DC converter that employs an advanced topology to optimize the operational benefits. The ideal converter where energy conversion is required.

Applications include industrial sites, microgrids and those data centres migrating to 380V DC designs where 48V DC loads are installed.

With a peak efficiency >97%, the CM2048HE high-efficiency HV converter provides significant energy savings. It converts 320-380V DC input to 48V DC output with minimal loss. It’s compatible with lithium-based battery technologies and can be used in combination with renewable inputs.

Modules intended operation is with a 48V DC battery connected to the output.

New Zealand-made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity, the CM Series represents unrivalled reliability with a robust proven conversion topology that includes only highest specification components. Modules can be integrated within COMPACT solutions.

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