energy manager DC System Controller Launch


While we cannot provide a suitable trumpet fanfare and accompanying drum rolls in a few lines of text we do wish to make an announcement!

The energy manager DC system controller is now officially released to supersede our previous supervisory module.

Why now? With the release of the Commando version of the energy manager’s software detailed in our previous newsletter the energy manager now incorporates all the functionality of the supervisory module, along with introducing new features and improvements. What’s the difference? To assist we’ve created this handy table for your reference below.

The energy manager EM4x follows the same model numbering format as the supervisory module SM3x, we have the energy manager in two versions, the EM4x-01, the large touchscreen shelf mounted variant, and the EM4x-02, in the 1U tray.

For our customers this means future new system builds will be quoted incorporating the energy manager as the roll over process continues. Enatel will continue to supply and support existing system designs with the SM3x supervisory module.

The energy manager offers the industry benchmark hybrid site control functionality of the SM3x while offering unique patented features such as phase balancing. Yet our journey is just beginning, sign up for our energy manager product update to stay abreast of ongoing enhancements through 2021 and beyond.

EM4x vs SM3x DC System Controller Comparison