Enatel Insights – Introduction to the energyhub


Welcome to Enatel Insights, with our very own Murray Wyma. Murray has been in the telecommunications space for over 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge to share on DC and critical power.

Enatel Energy is excited to announce a complete modular plug and play lithium battery solution – energyhub. This is a world-first for network energy infrastructure and telecommunications.

Key features of the energyhub:

  • Smart programmable energy manager with built-in web browser and remote secure support
  • Three 860-watt 48 Vdc high efficiency rectifier modules
  • Front access IT-friendly AC input and DC distribution

Unlike other DC power systems, energyhub doesn’t require a battery distribution because this function is integrated and managed within each battery module. This eliminates the need for battery cabling or parameter setting. The systems in this video each have twenty batteries demonstrating the scalability to match desired backup times..

Portable plug-in power

Enatel’s 220Watt-hour, 50Volt battery packs are lightweight (power dense) and portable. From tool belt to commissioning in seconds.

Migrating to lithium battery technologies

The industry is rapidly migrating to lithium battery technologies as they represent a step-change in energy transparency, management and optimization. The energy density, redundancy and modularity support those mission-critical applications, such as fibre backhaul, to increase energy availability, provide seamless scalability and lowers the Total Cost of Ownership.

Embrace simplicity with the worlds-first dedicated telecommunication power system using integrated modular plug-in play energy conversion and storage.

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