enatel energy

energyhub – DC Power System

enatel energy

energyhub – DC Power System

Specifications Top

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Modular system to allow seamless load expansion
  • Integrated active cell management, protection and reporting
  • Unique hot pluggable/cold terminal battery interface
  • Light-weight, scalable and easy to handle
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The world's first modular plug in and play power solution

A complete Lithium-ion power solution

For network energy infrastructure and communication sites energyhub boasts a high energy density/small footprint design that:

  • Leaves more room for revenue-generating equipment
  • Provides data-driven visibility for effective remote management
  • Offers lower total cost of ownership

Modular in design, the energyhub requires zero set-up, can be easily scaled up to meet changing load demands and shares a hot pluggable/cold terminal interface with energypak that maximises safety and usability.

Nominal Input Voltage:110V AC / 230V AC
Input Voltage Range:90-300V AC
Power Factor:>.099 (50 - 100% output)
Peak Efficiency:>95% (>94.5% @ > 40% output power)
Nominal Output Voltage: 48V DC
Output Voltage Range:43 - 60V DC
Maximum Output Powerenergyhub 110V AC 1.8kW

energyhub 230V AC 2.56kW
Maximum Battery Capacity:Per 1U x 19": 25.0Ah @ 51.0V/1,275kwH
Operating Temperature:Charge 0 - 45 °C
Operating Temperature:Discharge -20-+60 °C

Plug in peace of mind

Until now communications power solutions could rarely be called low maintenance. energyhub is maintenance-free.

Hot pluggable usability

Nothing is easier to use than energyhub. Simply plug in AC power and move on to more important jobs.

And with seamless integration between charger and battery, there’s no need for a battery distribution, cabling, parameter setting or low voltage disconnects. No tools are required and it’s entirely IT-friendly. Battery functions are managed and monitored for complete security and transparency.

Cold terminal safety

Safety is inherent to the design of the energypak battery, which becomes 100% inactive the moment it leaves energyhub. It’s cold terminal design (patent pending) stops voltage from travelling through the battery’s power and control pins to cut off the supply of current when it’s not connected to the charger.

Boasting state-of-the-art battery management and cells by one of the world’s largest manufacturers, energypak is a truly safety-minded, modern lithium-ion solution.

Scalable resiliency

The dependence on energy resiliency continues to grow as processes move to the network edge. energyhub is the completely secure, seamlessly scalable solution for this new environment.

It’s simple

energyhub personifies the compelling potential of the DC UPS concept. In fact, the only thing you need to manage is the voltage. Everything else is simple to set up and use, greatly increasing operational reliability.

In comparison, AC UPS is far more complicated and harder to use. Voltage, frequency, phase and waveform. It all requires hands-on management and supervision, with AC bypass switches just adding to the complexity.

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