AC Monitoring Module – Product Release


Enatel is pleased to release the new AC Monitoring module (ACM) to help you get the most out of your energy management system.

Site Energy Management is becoming increasingly complex and consuming so for our customers we aim to make it simple. Thanks to the new surge protection in Enatel’s ACM module, Enatel makes it simpler than ever to protect and monitor your site equipment against unexpected outages.

When integrated into the EM4x energy manager it reports and monitors functionality of an AC circuit.

ACM SolutionACM, AC Monitoring Module


ACM Key Features and Benefits

• Simple and insightful reporting – Get quick and valuable insight into the visibility of your AC circuits

• Surge Bucketing – Monitor and check the surge protection of your critical site equipment during unexpected outages caused by extreme weather events

• Compete Solution or Add-on Module – Can be built to order or easy installed separately

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