The 5G Rollout & DC Power


Enatel February 20 latest update

5G Rollout

The 5G rollout is upon us and now becoming a reality for network operators across the globe. Many governments are debating which 5G technology to choose to build their networks. Recently, the UK has decided whose equipment will be used in their 5G network, some vendors being restricted to non-sensitive parts of the network. The other members of the Five Eyes alliance now face a similar decision as to who may have what manner of access or no access at all.

Five Nines Requirements

Telecom networks are complex and require a range of powering solutions to support various designs of 5G sites. Enatel back up power is a critical piece of the total solution required for telecommunications & network operators including 5G. Options exist as to whether operators will choose to upgrade their DC power or invest in total replacement. This will be site and service-specific and affected by the requirement for 5 nines reliability targets and beyond.

Migration from 3G & 4G

Indications are the 5G network will require an upgrade to existing power systems. Mobile Network Operators will seek to migrate from 3G and 4G continuing to support previous standards while gradually transferring services to 5G.  Power systems will be affected in several ways. Many existing equipment shelters will require upgrading and more small “edge” sites will be positioned to meet the required network coverage. The energyhub – Enatel’s latest DC power system offering offers high energy density in a small design when space is at an increasing premium in small sites.

The energyhub

The energyhub DC Power System – the word’s first modular plug-in power solution.

For network energy infrastructure and communication sites, energyhub epitomises a high energy density/small footprint design while requiring minimal setup and maintenance.

First commercial sales of the energyhub have commenced and the Enatel Energy team is now shipping energyhubs to complete in situ field trials. To find out more about the energyhub please read more here: