energyhub | DC Power System

energyhub | DC Power System

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Key Features & Benefits

  • Modular system to allow seamless load expansion
  • Integrated cell management, protection & reporting
  • Unique hot pluggable/cold terminal battery interface
  • Light-weight, scalable and easy to handle
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The world's first modular plug in and play power solution

A complete Lithium-ion power solution

For network energy infrastructure and communication sites energyhub boasts a high energy density/small footprint design that:

  • Leaves more room for revenue-generating equipment
  • Provides data-driven visibility for effective remote management
  • Offers lower total cost of ownership

Modular in design, the energyhub requires zero set-up, can be easily scaled up to meet changing load demands and shares a hot pluggable/cold terminal interface with energypak that maximises safety and usability.

Nominal Input Voltage:110V AC / 230V AC
Input Voltage Range:90-300V AC
Power Factor:>.099 (50 - 100% output)
Peak Efficiency:>95% (>94.5% @ > 40% output power)
Nominal Output Voltage: 48V DC
Output Voltage Range:43 - 60V DC
Maximum Output Powerenergyhub 110V AC 1.8kW

energyhub 230V AC 2.56kW
Maximum Battery Capacity:Per 1U x 19": 25.0Ah @ 51.0V/1,275kwH
Operating Temperature:Charge 0 - 45 °C
Operating Temperature:Discharge -20-+60 °C
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      energyhub is a revolutionary modular lithium-ion power solution for ICT.

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energyhub features

energyhub DC Power System

Plug in peace of mind

Unprecedented simplicity, pioneering modularity, programmable control and new value-add features are integrated with the inherent advantages of lithium-ion (Li-ion) technology. The result is the energyhub, a uniquely flexible design that meets current and future market requirements for a 48V backup solution.

Saves space 

energyhub delivers 42Ah from a 3U rack installation that takes up half the room of an equivalent lead-acid battery alternative. It’s four times as light and tolerates a higher ambient temperature. That gives you twice as much space for revenue-generating equipment.

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