New Product Release – the smartCOMPACT


by Charles Watson – 29th July 2020

In a world where many DC system platforms have been unified by the Jovian pull of the 48V industry there nevertheless remains wide and varied need for different voltages in critical power backup use cases.

A recent Enatel customer request in Portugal was an integrator who required 48V DC and 110V DC outputs for an industrial application.

An ongoing application in the USA and Australasia is with emergency first responder services, where 12V and 24V DC radio supply simply cannot fail.

It is here that the DC system back up power supply comes to the fore. Compared to AC based backup solutions with their multiple points of failure, DC systems are inherently more reliable as the telco industry has demonstrated.

To fulfil this market demand Enatel, with its long history of supplying diverse critical power rectifiers and converters, offers the smartCOMPACT. A DC system with two or more voltage buses, along with the necessary functionality to monitor, control and display the information from different battery types and multiple battery strings. The devil is as often said in the detail, or rather in this case the significant suite of control and monitoring options of the energy manager system controller. This controller, the EM4x, has the necessary flexibility in custom programmable logic to be able to bring together multiple buses into a minimalistic package size while providing the necessary input/output (I/O) to observe, alert and log the different batteries’ performance. Furthermore daisy-chained I/O boards can undertake additional jobs and manage independent ancillary cards – battery condition monitors, AC monitors, fan controller boards or similar.

Whether 60V and 48V for Eastern European legacy telco sites, scientific 48V equipment also needing 12V router supply for Pacific islands, differing PLC manufacturers’ platforms of 24V plus batteries across Africa, the various combinations required around the globe are endless.

Regardless if these DC systems are self-programmed or provided pre-configured by Enatel a significant majority of customized features required can be catered for. Triple or quadruple buses, dedicated battery temperature compensation per bus, comms conversion for lithium – if there is a particular variable or parameter that needs monitoring, manipulated or logged that you are considering we want to hear from you. Addressing specific DC system use case requirements is what Enatel does, and we have over twenty years’ experience providing such solutions.

Check out the smartCOMPACT and for any questions or enquiries, please feel welcome to reach us here.