Enatel sponsors House Of Science to help provide school learning kits

Left to right: Flexi Physics Kit, Enatel Managing Director Richard Jenman and House of Science co-founder Neville Petrie, Staff put the Flexi Physics kit to the test.

Enatel is proud to sponsor House of Science and their educational science kits program for schools.

Recently, we welcomed House of Science co-founder Neville Petrie, to introduce us to the programme and give us a hands-on preview of one of the resource kits – Flexi Physics, designed for children (and adults!) to learn the laws of physics and energy using slingshots, catapults, and springs.

Both Enatel and House of Science are excited to work together on this community initiative, with Enatel sponsoring House of Science’s Flexi Physics and Enlighten Me resource kits. Used in schools throughout New Zealand, these kits are designed to develop and strengthen the problem solving and critical thinking skills of our young New Zealanders.

Enatel’s continued success is dependent upon our ability to develop technology to enable our customers to make the most intelligent use, and storage of, their energy.  Of course, it is our people’s enquiring minds and experimentation that continues to drive our technology development and our business success. House of Science have been engaging with our country’s young minds since 2013 and the learning and experiment excitement that they enable in the primary school classroom is outstanding. It is common sense for Enatel to contribute to their wonderful work as they spark a lifelong passion for our children who may one day join the NZ ICT industry. We are delighted to participate and join House of Science in their mission to ensure “Every child in New Zealand is scientifically literate”. – Richard Jenman, Managing Director, Enatel

We hope that these kits help inspire the next generation of kiwi scientists, innovators, and inventors.