Case Study – Sonoran Desert, Mexico | Off-Grid Hybrid Power


Keep data moving, in the remotest of areas. Enatel’s intelligent SYNERGi solution optimizes and adapts to your existing telecommunications infrastructure. Read our case study from the Sonoran Desert, Mexico.

The Sinuoso site is located in North-West Mexico, on the edge of the Sonora desert and is a fully off-grid site with both 2G (with air-conditioning) and 3G cellular loads in self-contained cabinets.
The site has approximately 7kW of solar already installed and was supposed to be running in a hybrid manner, cycling the batteries. The existing control system never worked and the generator was running 24/7. As a result, the client requested a replacement system that could be proven to operate in a hybrid charge/discharge manner, with the necessary logging to verify its performance.

Site parameters and requirements were as follows:
• Average load 3.5 to 4kW
• Re-use the 43 solar panels with approximately
7kW of solar power output
• Re-use the existing generator
(25kVA Standby/20kVA Prime, 3-phase)
• Shelter is free-air cooled only, with average daily temperatures
in the shelter of 35°C and often over 40°C.
• Bulk of the hybrid system output required to be AC, with
minimal 48V DC load
• Utilize the 1500Ahr/48VDC battery provided

Download the case study here.