NEC XON, Africa – Tailoring Hybrid Power Management


Enatel Energy NEC XON Hybrid Power System

With NEC-XON’s growing requirements, Enatel tailored a hybrid power management solution based on Enatel’s SYNERGi platform.

NEC XON is the amalgamation of NEC Africa and XON. NEC Africa is the African business of the global technology giant NEC Corporation.

Direct customers of NEC XON include mobile operators and tower companies, hosting multiple operators per site. NEC’s customers were the first in Africa to approve and use the first generation HSS® systems. The HSS® systems have since evolved to Second Generation and the portfolio has expanded to numerous
models, to satisfy different customer requirements.

8 years ago NEC XON found that their current hybrid energy solution was not flexible or adaptive enough to accommodate their growing needs. This resulted in significant issues which overloaded their system.

A large battery protection module was also an issue that increased OPEX and maintenance costs. NEC – XON were looking for a complete solution build at a competitive price point.
With a growing feature list, a more integrated and adaptive system was required.

Enatel Energy NEC XON Hybrid Power System Build

With NEC-XON’s growing requirements, Enatel tailored a hybrid power management solution based on Enatel’s already proven SYNERGi platform.

The following were extra required features Enatel could respond to and develop through the partnership.

• Extra Input-Output expansion boards

• Integration of up to 2x Generators, Grid, Solar, Wind and batteries all synchronised

• Mos-FET switch modules for soft switching of multiple DC Air conditioners

• Customised energy manager recording energy consumption for up to 8x operators per site

• Anti-stall algorithms for generators

• Communication to intelligent battery management systems

• Enatel produced a single point controller which resulted in the removal of expensive additional hardware, massively reducing cost of ownership

Enatel also manufactures the NEC XON battery protection module which includes the following:

• 12x Contactors with fast switching magnetic DC breakers for individual monitoring, control and protection for up to 12x Intelligent batteries

• Additional power distribution for housekeeping devices. (12V / 24V /48V)DC

• 24V Li-Ion back-up batteries for communication and control equipment

• On-board PC with 7” Colour Touch screen – used for remote access, on-site HMI, on-site configuration changes and fault finding

• PLC, Dual Sim Modem/Router/Wi-Fi/4-port switch for NOC interface to all devices on-site, inclusive of Synergi, Intelligent Batteries, Generator controller/s, Intelligent fuel sensors, Access control, Video camera surveillance etc

• Interposing relays and I/O connections for PLC controlled devices

Enatel also manufactures custom external DBs for the NEC XON HSS® systems which includes the following:

• Generator and Grid 3-Phase CBs

• Configurable 3-Phase Grid condition monitoring module

• Surge protection (AC and DC)

• Motorised Automatic source selector

• Customer load distribution (AC and DC)

• Fuse Fail monitoring of up to 8x Operator main feeds

• PV connections for up to 6x PV strings

• 12V to and from generator starter battery

• I/O connections (e.g. Gen Start/stop

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