The History of Enatel


Enatel’s origins go back to the early days of Tait Electronics; a company recognised for its innovation in the design and manufacture of two-way radio communications equipment. It was here, at age 17, that Dennis Chapman started his engineering career and went on to become a key designer in the mobile radio industry.


In 1984, Dennis left Tait to enter the world of switch mode power supply technology where he helped form Swichtec Power Systems (SPS). With the addition of industry-leading commercial and operational key personnel, SPS quickly became the fastest growing world leader in the design and supply of DC power systems, exporting across the globe. In 1997 SPS was sold to British Tyre and Rubber (BTR), which later changed its name to Invensys before being “on sold” to become part of the Eaton Group.


In 2002, the same Directors that formed Swichtec reunited to launch Enatel.


Initially, Enatel started out providing contract manufacturing services but soon grew to become a driving force in the world of power electronics and a new level of DC power conversion then emerged to form Enatel Energy.


The company then added a new vertical market; battery chargers for the material handling (MH) industry. In 2013, Enatel Motive Power (EMP) was the first company in the world within its category to achieve the California Energy Commission efficiency requirements. The EMP range of chargers now forms an integral part of electric forklifts sold throughout the world.


To further capitalise on Enatel’s core competencies, the company entered into the renewable solar energy sector. Formed in 2008, EnaSolar introduced its innovative range of GT string inverters for the conversion of solar power into usable electricity in the home.


Today, Enatel’s product line continues to expand across all brands with an unwavering commitment to research and development, quality-led design and manufacturing.