Adrian Kenya & Safaricom Case Study


Learn how Enatel Energy outperform the competition in the most challenging environments.

The Problem

Safaricom was looking for a way to make their hybrid energy systems run more efficiently. It also wanted a wider voltage DC input range which in return help a lot in Solar energy harvest. Huawei, Eltek and Delta devices could not stand up to Safaricom’s requirements and are considered less powerful compared to Enatel.

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Safaricom currently have 5 sites that were initially running on diesel generators 24,7 but once the Enatel Solar Hybrid Solution was installed, the diesel generators have never once been run to date on site.

Safaricom map

Running the generators was a frequent occurrence with the previous Eltek and Huawei solutions. Our trusted partner, Adrian Kenya lead the installation and servicing for Safaricom, as well as managed services and preventative maintenance.

The Enatel Solution

“Safaricom have not purchased any replacement modules – due to the robustness of the Enatel System.”

For the past 2 years there have been far fewer failure rates and site call outs. In fact, Safaricom have not purchased any replacement modules – due to the robustness of the Enatel System.

SYNERGi will maximize benefits and deliver increased uptime as it dynamically optimizes and self-heals. It intuitively and intelligently blends multiple energy inputs and optimization is made simple. The field results and related patents prove it. Specifically designed for easy integration of renewables to support solar and wind inputs – now and in the future.

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