Enatel Energy gives network operators three powerful reasons to visit Intelec 17

Meet Enatel at Intelec 17

Meet Enatel at Intelec 17

If you’re looking for reasons to be at Intelec 17 on the Gold Coast, Enatel Energy is giving you three.

The IEEE trade show is expected to be the biggest event of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere this year, with manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors from a variety of related industries converging on the Gold Coast Convention & Exhibition Centre between 22-26 October.

Enatel Energy will be there as well, but with something a little special for those who visit its stand and book time to talk with the team (link here to form).

Complete energy independence solution preview

The centre of Enatel Energy’s stand will be an interactive preview of the complete energy independence solution for telecommunication network power.

While details are still very much under lock and key, Enatel Energy has confirmed that its focusing on the next stage of SYNERGi, its patented advanced hybrid power management system, that will turn it into a complete energy independence hub.

Damien O’Regan, VP Product Strategy, says SYNERGi has proven to be a unique offering for managing diesel gensets and solar panels for everything from remote cell phone tower sites (link to Sinuoso page) to rural villages, but these latest developments will change the game.

“For decades 48V has remained an energy cornerstone, providing security and scalability within communication networks. But by combining our own state-of-the-art topologies and new storage elements, we can transform costly stranded infrastructure assets into next generation energy architectures able to serve multiple purposes while significantly reducing operational costs.”

New power offering

Alongside this interactive preview, the Enatel team will also reveal a next generation DC UPS that will offer reliable, efficient power on a modular scale.

Murray Wyma, Chief Technical Officer, says that those clients looking for practical improvements that tackle traditional lead acid battery constraints will be very interested to see this new product at the Enatel Energy stand.

“Modular energy elements allow clients to easily address their enterprise, CPE (Customer Premise Equipment) and IBW (In-building Wireless) application challenges requiring scalable uninterruptable power at the network edge. This is an exciting period of industry transformation, demanding innovative ICT energy solutions, and we’re very proud of this unique contribution.”

Meet key decision makers

Enatel Energy was founded in 2002 by the team behind Swichtec (now part of Eaton), and unlike many of its competitors it has maintained a hands-on management culture while it has grown to be a major New Zealand exporter. What that means for operations managers and other visitors at Intelec 17 is that, unlike many other stands, when they visit Enatel Energy they’ll have an unprecedented chance to chat with the Managing Director and other decision makers at the highest level of the business.

“We always relish the opportunity to directly engage with customers and showcase our comprehensive range of products and technical capabilities,” Gary Foot, Enatel Managing Director, says.

“In fact, that engagement has always been an integral part of our DNA and even though we’re a global player providing energy management solutions around the world, we always make time to talk to our customer’s so we understand their values and needs. The way we see it, you’re never too big to stop listening to the people who matter the most.

“If you’re attending Intelec 17, we look forward to seeing you on the stand.”

*Book time with the team at Intelec 17. Places will be limited. For more information email sales@enatelenergy.com.

Find out more about SYNERGi.



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