SYNERGi powers winds of change in the Solomon Islands

The modular design of SYNERGi, Enatel Energy’s advanced hybrid power management system, has proven to be a perfect fit in the Solomon Islands where a new micro-grid is changing the lives of a rural community.

Until recently the community around the Bishop Koete Rural Training Centre near Taroniara relied entirely on a diesel genset for their power. And even then it could only be run for 3 hours a day.

Now, however, they have 24 hour access to renewable electricity thanks to a wind and solar-powered micro-grid commissioned by Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand.

And at the heart of that system – converting energy into safe DC power, managing a 16 kWh lithium-ion phosphate battery, and integrating with a wind turbine controller – is SYNERGi.

“It’s great to see SYNERGi in action helping change lives, whether it’s in the Solomon Islands, Mozambique or anywhere else where its used around the world to provide a smart energy management solution,” Murray Wyma, Enatel Energy Chief Technical Officer, says.

“We’ve designed it with patented New Zealand-made technology to be one of the most advanced but also flexible power management solutions available, which has made SYNERGi a go-to option for anyone with dedicated power network needs, whether they’re grid-tied or completely off the grid.”

The project involved the research support of the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade, with the Solomon Islands Association of Rural Training Centres acting as an in-country partner.

Together with Caritas Aotearoa New Zealand, they specified a 4 kW solar PV array installed by James Hardisty of Control Focus and a 2.5 kW Thinair turbine from Powerhouse Wind – the first used outside Australia and New Zealand.

Bill Currie of Powerhouse Wind said SYNERGi was a perfect match for their system.

“To make real progress, we have to avoid the trap of supplying a system that works until its first failure and then becomes a technical memorial. SYNERGi gives us our best opportunity to put in place a highly reliable solution that through its modularity is both scalable and maintainable into the future.”

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