New Li-ion DC UPS solution makes waves at Intelec

Enatel Energy made serious waves on its stand at Intelec 2017 with the reveal of energyhub, our new Li-ion DC UPS solution.

Hundreds of delegates visited the energyhub display over the course of the four-day event, with large numbers appreciating the chance to talk through the product one-on-one with Enatel Energy Chief Technical Officer Murray Wyma.

“Intelec was a fantastic launchpad for energyhub,” Murray says.

“energyhub is easy to deploy and use – a small DC UPS. Along with its scalability it presents a compelling solution where space and weight is restricted, and high nines security is required.”


The reveal, and the attention it brought to the stand, indicates the disruptive potential for energyhub to revolutionise the approach taken to small ultra-secure power solutions.

Small, rack-based, and entirely hot pluggable (there’s not even an “on” switch), energyhub represents the future of UPS but in a cost-effective, user-friendly package available to industrial power consumers from early 2018.

But it’s also a showcase for the safety of li-ion batteries, featuring cells from a world-class manufacturer, a fully integrated cell balancing, and an interface that isolates the batteries the moment they are pulled out of their slot in the rack.

“Simplicity is the key to energyhub. You can pick it up, plug it in and walk away. But that simplicity goes both ways thanks to its hot pluggable/cold terminal interface*. The li-ion battery specifically designed for energyhub, called energypak, becomes 100% inactive the moment it’s pulled out.”

With energyhub, Enatel Energy is set to revolutionise DC UPS and offer communications power managers a significant opportunity to reduce OPEX and streamline their current operations.

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*Patent pending


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