New General Manager Sales – Energy and Renewables Welcomed to the Enatel Team

Enatel Ltd is proud to welcome Rob Kurz to the team as General Manager Sales for the Energy and Renewables divisions.

Rob brings with him a wealth of experience in executive management roles with technology companies around the world, and is looking forward to applying his skills to helping build the Enatel Energy brand.

“This is a great opportunity to build on the existing success of the company in the energy and renewables sectors,” Rob says.

“There have been, and will continue to be, major developments in the telecoms environment – it’s an interesting space and an interesting time for companies like Enatel. The market for Enatel Energy products is broad, with not only the traditional ICT service providers as clients, but also industry corporates seeking to install their own dedicated networks and assets.”

“I’m looking forward to connecting the market to the company in terms of understanding client and market needs to feed back into the technical teams so we can continue to develop cutting edge products in a fast moving space.”

Rob began his career as an electronics engineer with Rio Tinto and was most recently the Managing Director for Campbell Scientific Australia. Between then and now he has gained vast experience in industries such as telecommunications and transportation, and travelled the globe for his work. After having lived and worked in Australia, Switzerland, the USA, and Brazil, Rob is keen to settle down in Canterbury and experience everything New Zealand has to offer.

“There has always been a strong international focus in all my roles. Since graduating I have only lived in Australia for perhaps a third of my working life. This makes Enatel an exciting place for me. It is a New Zealand-based company that relies strongly on exports to more than 70 countries around the world, including developing countries where I have gathered a fair bit of experience.”

“But having said that, I never set out to be a world traveler – it just turned out that way. Once I’m settled in, I look forward to working with Enatel’s existing and future customers, distributors, and suppliers.”

Enatel Managing Director Gary Foot says Rob will be a great asset to the team.

“We are delighted to have Rob Kurz join the Enatel team, and the skills and experience he brings. We look forward to his leadership and management of our DC Power division to help further accelerate growth and deploy our strategic initiatives.”


Murray Wyma
Chief Technical Officer, Enatel Energy


Enatel Energy