MicroCOMPACT DC power system packs a bigger punch thanks to new rectifier

Enatel Energy’s microCOMPACT power system manager is one of the smartest installer-friendly devices of its kind currently available for telecommunications power applications.

However, a power management system is only as powerful as its rectifiers, which is why Enatel Energy is proud to release the RM848HE.

The new building block of the microCOMPACT system, this 860W 48V modular rack-mounted rectifier provides a step up from its predecessor (the RM848) in multiple ways:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Integrated AC metering
  • Universal AC input
  • Higher watt output
  • Full backwards compatibility

This combination of new features not only make the microCOMPACT more powerful, but user-friendly as well.

The RM848HE allows for the mounting of up to three modules, a controller and DC distribution all in one 19”, ETSI 300 deep rack, while its plug- and- play design means installation, expansion and rectifier addressing (which is fully automated) are all hassle-free considerations.

But like its predecessor, the RM848HE is also built to exacting New Zealand manufacturing and process integrity standards. A proven conversion topology that uses only the highest specification components is a key ingredient to its toughness, as well as its forced-air cooled design.

“The RM848HE has been designed with telecommunications networks in mind, where it can offer unrivalled power densities,” Damien O’Regan, Enatel Energy VP Product Strategy and Business Development, says.

“But it’s also been designed with quality in mind. It’s a small, powerful package, but one that complements the robustness of the microCOMPACT to provide telecommunications networks with long-lasting reliability.”

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